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How to Avoid Storm Damage

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

High volume winds ripping through a neighborhood. This wind is no joke - and the size of the insurance claim won't be, either.

Year-to-year, the seriousness and recurrence of storms is anyone's guess, and it's unavoidable that home owners have to bear the brunt of the damage when storms roll through. It's costly, sometimes it's devastating, and when the damage is so severe that your family might not be able to deal with it, we're only a phone call away.

But in those other instances -- when the damage is limited to a broken gutter, a missing shingle, or a small downed limb -- we advise home owners to take precaution while making repairs. In an effort to make sure it doesn't happen to you, SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek has compiled this list, to help you avoid storm damage to your home, business or property.

The most common property damage we see is rooftop and siding damage following strong winds and hail. In lieu of that:



On the off chance that a shingle is damaged, it's bound to break free. Assuming it's missing, you now have a hole for wind to get under and do considerably more harm.

Note that when you're introducing or supplanting shingles, they should be nailed appropriately — NOT over the nail line.

As far as how roofing materials – shingles versus metal – hold up to hail, it doesn't actually matter. After a hailstorm, we've observed that shingle rooftops hold up as well as metal ones.


Ensure your gutters are clean so that water is free-flowing and moves away from the home, preventing pooling and bursting.


Similar standards as material apply to siding: guarantee your siding isn't harmed.


In case of tornadic winds, a little opening in your windows or entryways could broaden (read: break) and permit enough of a breeze inside, wreaking havoc and spreading water.


Wind will astound you. Fence posts are frequently neglected or overlooked in home owners' storm prep, and when one is uprooted, it can take fencing material with it.


Downed limbs pose a big problem to home owners. They can fall on roofs, on fencing, on garages and vehicles, resulting in costly damage.


Remember to secure individuals.

Your home and the things inside are replaceable. Your family isn't.

Have a storm wellbeing plan set up, including a protected area to go, similar to a cellar or tornado cellar, to brave the most noticeably terrible.

Always, storm season brings a great deal of vulnerability, but that doesn't mean there's no way around it.

Avoid Dryer Fires

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

A charred and unusable dryer, damaged by a fire. Hopefully the warranty is still in date.

Laundry is one of those inevitable parts of life, painstaking in its process and unavoidable. If you have a large family, the domestic chores can become overwhelming at time and dryer safety is a critical concern that most people overlook in the bustle of day-to-day life. At SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek, we've seen first hand the devastation dryer fire can cause. Anyone with access to the machine must be aware of the risk factors for dryer fires, as well as what can be done to prevent them. Every year sadly, dryers cause catastrophic damage and loss to American families.

The following is what the US Fire Administration says regarding dryer fires:

  • Every year, 2,900 dryer fires occur.
  • Property damage from these dryer fires is estimated to be in over 35 million dollars.
  • These fires also result in 100 injuries and 5 deaths each year.

How can dryers be dangerous?

  • The lint filter keeps lint and debris out of the dryer's internal mechanics, preventing them from becoming caught and causing a fire. Using a dryer without the filter in place is one way an innocuous household appliance can become a serious hazard. 
  • Similarly, overloading your dryer can result in lint buildup, which can cause fire.
  • It's a risk to leave your dryer on while you sleep or leave the house. If a lint buildup or another issue causes a fire, you may not be able to put it out or even be aware of the condition until it is too late.

How can homeowners protect against dryer fire?

  • According to the United States Fire Administration, overfilled lint traps cause 34% of dryer fires each year. Cleaning your lint filter ensures that your dryer is properly ventilated. Dryer ventilation allows garments to dry faster while also preventing the overheating that can cause fire.
  • It is critical to inspect dryer ductwork on a regular basis. Blocked ducts can also cause overheating which leads to fires. One symptom of a blocked duct is if your clothing takes longer to dry than expected. If you notice any obstructions in the ducts, clear them out before using the dryer again.
  • Replace any ducts that are outdated or damaged beyond repair. For new ducts, heavy-duty metal is indicated as the best material to use.

Regardless of how many safeguards are taken, homeowners may still face dryer fires. If the worst happens, your friends at SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek are ready to step in. Restoring your home is our business, and our expert technicians are on hand and ready to limit the spread of damage and restore your home quickly, and safely. We hope you are never affected by dryer, or any kind of fire. But if you are, SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek is always here to help.

Wooden Floors and Water Damage - Don't Miss This Step!

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Buckling and warped wood flooring. Think about the stubbed toe you'd get on this bad boy. Yikes.

When wood or wood laminate flooring is damaged by water and must be replaced, it is not as simple as removing the old floor and replacing it with a new one. Water damage accounts for thousands of dollars of loss every year. Our experts at SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek are familiar with the many pitfalls that can be faced if restoration is not undertaken correctly. Wooden floors are a beautiful feature that adds value to your home. While you may be eager to replace them after water damage, read on to avoid becoming a statistic and falling into the common errors of wooden floors and water damage.

Many people fail to realize it is critical to assess the surface under the floor and whether it is sufficiently dry. Most people aren't aware that if the surface is a concrete slab, it's impossible tell if it's dry only by touching it. Because failing to properly dry the underlying surface could cause harm to your new flooring, you'll want to make sure this is done correctly. This especially critical with concrete slabs.

Drying concrete slabs

Concrete must always contain some moisture by its sheer nature, but it will evaporate any surplus water until it reaches equilibrium. This process could take months if left to dry naturally, and it's almost impossible to know when it's complete. 

A concrete slab's surface may appear dry, but actually still be emitting moisture vapor. Because that vapor will cause new flooring laid on top of it to warp, a calcium chloride test is performed first to assess the present level of moisture. It is critical this happens before new flooring is installed on top of a concrete slab. The results of this test will be compared to the "dry standard" that must be met prior to the installation of new flooring.

Our technicians at SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek are trained to work with concrete. When your lab is tested dry, you can lay your new floor with confidence and rest easy knowing no further moisture damage is happening. 

If you slab still contains moisture, technicians can perform a slab dry. This expedites the drying process, making sure you face as little disruption as possible. 

Remember, what's under the floor is just as important as the wood itself!

Don't become a statistic. If your wooden floor suffers water damage, the experts at SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek are ready to help. Our expert technicians can test your slab against the dry standard. If you still have moisture, we can get you dried out, and get you on your way to a new wooden floor quickly. 

For help with water damage on your wooden floor, or any area of your home, call SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek. 

STORM Team, Come Home.

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

A piece of specialized equipment utilized in the water mitigation process. The dry out process utilizes special equipment, seen here.

The SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek STORM team is at last headed back to Texas, after a rigorous two weeks spent in Illinois helping our distant neighbors recover from extreme amounts of rain and flood water. We’re happy to help wherever we’re needed (helping people out is kind of what we do) but there’s just something about Texas that kept the SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek team homesick, even after a long days’ worth of fulfilling work, and plenty of happy customers to keep the spirits high.  

After much consideration, the team decided the simple matter of it was this:

We love our community. Kaufman County & Cedar Creek isn’t just the place where we all hang our collective hat. The people are irreplaceable, and the hospitality isn’t something you find just anywhere. Not to mention, we don’t usually have to worry about sump pump backups in our fully furnished basements (looking at you, Illinois.)

In short, this piece is an ode to home. We’re back, Kaufman County, and we’re glad to be home.

This also serves as a good time to remind our neighbors and community members that storms can move in quickly and wreak a lot of havoc, causing a shocking amount of damage. Even a standard thunderstorm can dump an extraordinary amount of rain, causing backups, power outages, flash floods and leaks (which, left unchecked, could become mold).

If you find yourself in in such a circumstance, no matter the time or the day, make sure you give SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek a call. We’re here for you, and we can get there faster than the competition, every time.

Four Mistakes to Avoid After Fire Damage

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

A fire being put out by a team of professionals. The fire is scary, but the aftermath is scarier.

The aftermath of a fire may be terrible, and the prospect of repairing the damage can be daunting. Worse, the impacts of fire damage might last for a long time after the fire has been put out. SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek is passionate about assisting homeowners and business owners during this trying time. Our experts compiled this advice to assist our valued customers and community in avoiding the most typical mistakes made during fire damage restoration.

Take a look at the list below and make sure you don't make these mistakes, if your home or business is ever affected by fire.

Failure to secure the property in order to prevent further harm.

After a fire, properties are frequently compromised, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to further damage. Avoid this issue by contacting a fire restoration firm as soon as possible to safeguard the property against further damage.

Roofs that have been damaged should be tarped, and broken windows and doors should be boarded and secured to keep the property safe from the elements. Unauthorized entry, such as thieves or looters, can also prevented by securing the property perimeter.

Making repairs and cleaning the property before alerting the insurance company.

Before restoration can begin, the insurance company will need to view the entire amount of the damage. Before an insurance adjuster has been on site and performed a thorough assessment, don't remove anything from the property, do any cleaning or make any repairs. Leave everything precisely as it is so that all damage can be properly accounted for and an accurate loss assessment can be made by the insurance company. 

Spending too much time inside the affected property before completing necessary repairs and cleaning.

Fire damage isn't just caused by active flames. Other problems that a fire can leave behind include hidden structural damage and serious health effects.

Unseen or growing deterioration to roofs and walls might cause them to collapse at any time. These dangers not only raise the likelihood of more damage and an increased cost of repairs, but they also put anyone who accesses the property in danger. Smoke inhalation, soot residue, and other toxic particles left behind by a fire pose additional health effects and concerns.

The best course of action is to avoid entering the property as much as possible until expert fire damage restoration can begin. Professional organizations like SERVPRO provide water cleanup, mold removal, soot and smoke damage cleanup, and other services in addition to significant repairs, to return the property to a safe condition.

Not immediately contacting a competent fire damage restoration business.

Specialized equipment and expertise are required for proper fire damage rehabilitation. Hiring a professional fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO right away can help homeowners avoid all of the above pitfalls, and more.

The correct fire damage restoration company will work with homeowners from start to end, assisting them in recovering as quickly as possible following fire damage. SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek is dedicated to providing the highest quality fire damage restoration services to our clients. 

Preventing Commercial Water Damage

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO professionals performing water mitigation. We'll get the job done, faster than the competition.

Commercial water damage restoration is one of the last things any company wants to deal with. Here at SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek, we have seen the havoc that can be wreaked on a business by water. We hope you are never affected, but if you are, our experts have compiled some tips to help minimize the damage and the cost of mitigation. 

Taking these simple steps ahead of time can save your business valuable time, and money:

  • Maintain constant awareness of impending calamities – Knowing what might happen is always a good thing. When the weather stations warn that a storm is on its way, it's important to know how much wind and rain the storm will bring. Knowing as much as you can about weather disasters will help you prepare for any potential water damage.
  • Many businesses have sandbags on hand, which they may stack around the outside of the building to prevent water from coming inside.
  • If severe winds and rain are forecast, companies also board up windows and doors. This method can also help to prevent commercial water damage from damaged windows.
  • Find all of the shut-off valves for all water sources ahead of time and show them to employees (if you have any) – Pipes can freeze, shatter, or burst if some portions of the business structure are not adequately insulated, allowing water to leak into the business and cause damage. Shutting down the valves when you detect a potential problem will help you save your organization further damage, as well as money.
  • Inventory and important paperwork can also be harmed by flooding. Keep inventory and other valuables on shelves and in a secure location where water cannot reach them in the event of a storm. 
  • Important documentation or other comparable objects should also be kept safe - waterproof containers are ideal! Roofs can leak, hot water heaters can leak, air conditioners can leak, and sprinkler systems can create commercial water damage for businesses when they are activated.

For more information, or if you need assistance with water damage at your business or home, SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek is ready to help. Call 972-329-4747 anytime, and our expert team will asses your loss and make a plan to get your company up and running quickly.

What Sets SERVPRO Kaufman County Apart?

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro van parked in front of a home. SERVPRO is always here to help.

If you need fire cleanup, water removal, or any other type of damage restoration, you'll want to find a business that can help you restore your house to its original condition. SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek takes pride in going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to restoration for both residential and commercial properties.

We Handle The Entire Restoration Process

You may find yourself interacting with many contractors as you go through the stages to reverse water damage. Water restoration companies may only provide limited services, such as water extraction, necessitating the hiring of other contractors, such as mold remediation firms and demolition companies, which increases your costs.

SERVPRO, on the other hand, provides services that cover the complete water damage restoration process, including structural repair and mold removal. SERVPRO's professional crews execute a detailed and efficient water cleanup procedure that includes the following steps:

  • Inspection and Assessment 
  • Emergency Response
  • Extraction of Water
  • Getting Rid of Mold and Taking Anti-Microbial Steps
  • Cleaning and Restoration Cleaning and Dehumidification

Anytime, Anywhere, we're ready to assist.

SERVPRO is a national company with strategically situated offices in places like Kaufman County & Cedar Creek to assure speedy response to local disasters. Each locally owned and operated franchise can react rapidly to requests at any size home or business property, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We start clean up or water extraction expediently to minimize damage, and we use SERVPRO's nationwide resources, which include the highest quality professional equipment and cleaning supplies. An operations manager oversees the procedure to ensure prompt damage mitigation, and everything is properly documented to confirm the entire cleaning process for you and your insurance.

Experts who have been trained and certified to the highest levels

SERVPRO has extensive expertise responding to restoration requests following large-scale disasters. Its personnel have mobilized to restore damage after Hurricane Katrina, the Carolina floods, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and other disasters, in addition to assisting fire restoration companies during California wildfires. Local command centers that are familiar with Mesquite and the surrounding area's emergency restoration demands are prepared to respond rapidly to any disaster, from a burst pipe to a city-wide flood.

SERVPRO technicians have Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration training and certifications to uphold the industry's best practices and standards, in addition to having hands-on expertise with storm damage, water restoration, and structure drying. Each employee is also required to participate in ongoing certification training and education to assure professional quality using the most up-to-date restoration procedures.

SERVPRO of Kaufman County & Cedar Creek is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services. If you require flood cleanup, fire damage restoration, or air duct cleaning please contact us - we're always here to help. 

Four Reasons to Choose SERVPRO

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Van parked in snow. Rain or shine, hot or cold, we're there faster than the competition, every time.

SERVPRO is the top mitigation choice for post-disaster recovery in Texas, because our commercial and residential restoration services tackle every facet of loss and disaster situations. Our professionals are well-versed in flood cleanup, water mitigation, fire damage, and air duct cleaning, all of which are required following floods, fires, and other disasters. There are a dozen reasons to choose a company that is known across America and recognized as a leader in the mitigation industry, below, we'll cover just four. 

  1. Cutting Edge Technology, Resources & Network

SERVPRO's network is one of the big reasons for its success in crisis circumstances. Because of the state-wide franchise network, there are enough resources to take on any size job in any location. Our experts are prepared to repair commercial water damage, complete a comprehensive home restoration, or work to assist entire towns and cities after natural disasters.

Regardless of the size of the incident, all SERVPRO teams have access to additional resources for a quick and reliable response, with backup close at hand thanks to our STORM team. SERVPRO is on hand with enough man power to inspect and restore every detail of home and businesses all over the country, when the worst happens and storms strike.

  1. Expertly Trained Dedicated Professionals

SERVPRO's technicians are on the cutting edge of disaster recovery every day, allowing them to develop their processes and respond quickly. We take pride in training our people to the top of industry standard to ensure our customers receive the best service, every visit. Our teams where there when the Nation needed us most, during catastrophic events such as Hurricane Harvey. All parts of catastrophe cleanup are handled by our teams, including:

  • Cleaning of the air ducts
  • Removing mold
  • Service for fire damage cleanup
  • Water removal and flood cleanup
  • Cleaning services for homes and businesses
  • Lightning-Fast Response Times That Save You money

We understand that in many types of mitigation, time, is money. Our teams act fast to stop the spread of damage caused by water, fire or other unwanted elements that wreak havoc on a structure. To save the building's structural integrity SERVPRO shows up fast to cut the issue off and start the critical processes to reverse the damage and maintain the integrity of the building. 

  1. Experience Working With insurance Agencies

After a calamity, affected home and business owners have to deal with their insurance company. That's why SERVPRO has established a network of industry contacts to ensure a smooth and effective relationship with all insurance agencies. SERVPRO, being one of the Nation's premier restoration firms, works with all insurance companies to take the stress off our clients as much as possible, and make the restoration seamless.

Home and business owners alike deserve a dependable firm that can respond quickly and effectively to a crisis, which is why SERVPRO is the ideal choice for mitigation and restoration in Texas. Call SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek for more information on how we can help you, today.

STORM Team - Activate!

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro van parked in front of an Illinois home. We're not in Kansas anymore, team.

If you’ve been following the weather -- and we get it, not everyone is into national weather forecasts -- you’d know that the Bloomington-Normal Illinois area got uncharacteristically drenched in rain on Friday, June 25th, 2021. Severe storms dropped as much as 6.5 inches of rain in some parts of the county, causing vehicles to stand where they were waterlogged, sump pumps to fail, and electricity to become unreliable at best. 

Rain water from the street poured in through basement windows, leaving thousands of people with more water on their hands than they knew what to do with. And if our readers have paid attention to any of the blogs before this one, they know that unchecked water -- whether it’s a little, or a lot-- can wreak havoc on a home, creating immediate and long lasting damage, and cost homeowners thousands. 

That’s where SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek comes in. 

The wonderful thing about SERVPRO is that we’re not only here to help our local neighbors, but in instances like this one, where there’s too much water damage for a single SERVPRO location to handle, no matter where it is, we suit up to help get the job done. 

Our teams have been toiling away in Illinois, working long hours to help neighbors we don’t see all too often, and help get them back to, "Like it never even happened."

Gray Water Flooding: What It Is, What To Do

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

A home left to the devices of flooding from a roof and wall. Left to its own devices, water can destroy your home.

Dealing with water damage is one of the most difficult situations a homeowner can face. Knowing how to respond quickly in the event of floods is critical in order to avoid more complications. Because water damage can occur from a variety of sources, it's critical to follow precise protocols to limit loss. The experts at SERVPRO Kaufman County & Cedar Creek are well-versed in the dangers of water damage to your property. Learn more about water damage and what you can do to keep your property and family safe by reading on. Contaminated Water Categories Identifying the type of contamination you're dealing with is one of the most important phases in recovering from water damage. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) divides contaminated water into three categories depending on: 
  1. The source of the flooding
  2. The duration of time spent in contact with the structure
  3. The possibility of dangerous substances or pollutants being present.
 Category 2 Water - Gray Water Category 2 water damage, often known as gray water or sullage, may contain some contamination that is dangerous to humans and animals. Toilet bowls containing urine, water from a dishwasher or washing machine, and flood damage caused by sump pump failure are the most typical forms of Category 2 water damage. Gray water is dangerous as additives used during washing, bathing, cleaning, or cooking could offer a number of health hazards, and all can be found in Category 2 water. The contaminants allow disease-causing organisms to spread through hand to mouth, hand to eyes, or direct contact with injured skin. Gray water can get progressively more contaminated as time passes and temperature fluctuates. If left untreated, Category 2 water can swiftly evolve into Category 3 water due to bacterial growth, posing major health danger. Without early action, moisture can allow hazardous mold to grow, just like any other type of water damage. How is Category 2 water cleaned up?The best technique for mitigation of Category 2 water after flooding will differ depending on the nature of the water damage. However, certain rules advocated by organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (IICRC) may be effective in preventing damage. The following are some examples of these guidelines: 
  • Removing porous materials: Porous items such as wood, carpets, curtains, and insulation should be removed and disposed to limit the risk of dangerous mold growth.
  • Cleaning hard surfaces: To remove mold and water damage from recoverable materials, several disinfectants and cleaning chemicals must be utilized.
  • Cleaning or sanitizing HVAC equipment entails the following steps: Cleaning, uninstalling, or replacing HVAC equipment that could recirculate mold spores can help keep your family and home safe.
  • Drying the structure and removing water: All contents of the house, including drywall, flooring, carpet, and soft furnishings, should be dried thoroughly.
Because Category 2 water can inflict substantial, long-term damage to your home and your health, you should always hire a professional for cleanup. SERVPRO, qualified restoration experts, knows the ramifications of water damage and will act quickly to resolve the issue. We specialize in conducting residential and commercial water damage mitigation that conforms to IICRC standards to assist bring your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. To learn more, reach out to one of our experts today. And remember, we're always here to help.