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7 Reasons To Choose SERVPRO Of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek

2/24/2017 (Permalink)

7 Reasons to choose SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek for your Home or Commercial Clean up / Restoration

1. 24-Hour Emergency Response

Timely mitigation is key to controlling damage, downtime and recovery costs. You and those who depend on your facility will appreciate the rapid response, and the training of your SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek team will help limit damage and get your facility back in operation quickly. You can count on SERVPRO’s nationwide coverage, full line of restoration services, and the 1-4-8 service guidelines to help make you look good.

2. Communication

You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way. From the first telephone call within the first hour following damage notification, until the job is complete, SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals are dedicated to effectively communication with property owners and managers. You will be aware of job status and the progress towards project completion.

Jobs are documented with itemized estimates, digital photographs, signed work authorization forms and regular proves reports. SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals, utilizing technology developed for documenting insurance claims, electronically collect and store project information which is accessible to you via secure email link 24-hours. Upon project completion, a signed customer satisfaction form is the final piece of information entered into the file.

3. Reduce Recovery Time

When fire, water or mold damage strikes a commercial facility, it has a negative impact on everyone – the owner, the management team, employees, tenants, and even customers. Even small fire or water damages must be addressed quickly in order to limit secondary damage and to lessen business interruption.

Your SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals understand the urgency in responding to your facility following a disaster. By arriving quickly mitigation damage to the structure and contents, and providing effective cleanup and restoration services, SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek will help you reopen the doors as soon as possible.

4. Lower Recovery Cost

Emergency Mitigation Services Help Minimize Secondary Damages.

SERVPRO’s 1-4-8 Service Response Guidelines help to ensure timely communication and response. Quick and accurate response can minimize loss expense from secondary damages.

Proper Restoration Versus Replacement of Contents is Less Expensive.

SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals strive to restore items to preloss condition. This helps lower mitigation ad restoration cost while allowing treasure belongings to be salvaged when possible.

Faster Recovery Lessens Loss.

SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals are nearby, ready to respond quickly. The faster restoration begins, the quicker our customers can return to business.

Pre-Approved Pricing and Procedures

SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals will work neatly and efficiently to help you regain control of your property when a damaging event has taken over. We will use state-of-the-art restoration techniques to help ensure the property is taken care of right the fir time.

5. Emergency Response Profile

Like most commercial properties, your facility probably has an emergency exit plan in place, with illuminated signs leading occupants to safety, and even facility maps strategically placed to identify alternate routes out of the building. But have you developed a thorough Contingency Plan? Is emphasis on the first 24-48 hours, to help you get back in your building as possible?

Your SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals can provide your assistance in developing an Emergency Response Profile. As part of a well-thought-out Contingency Plan, Your Emergency Response Profile will contain information you will need in the event an emergency situation occurs.

An added advantage to utilizing your SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professionals in the development of your Emergency Response Profile is the opportunity to coordinate a preferred provider relationship including pre-arranged pricing and procedures for handling emergency response for your facility before damages occurs.

6. Full line of Services

Utilizing the right equipment and supplies, a SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek professional can handle all of your cleanup needs, such as fire, water and mold restoration services; SERVPRO of Mesquite provides cleanup services for those special needs that surpass the capabilities of your regular maintenance staff.

7. A National Leader in Storm Response… Help When You Need It Most!

In the event of a major catastrophe, the SERVPRO system has a nationwide Large Loss Response Team comprised of trained and equipped professionals capable of responding to your facility. While most systems have a waiting list, you get priority service with SERVPRO of Kaufman County/Cedar Creek. Call today to find out how.

Each of SERVPRO’s over 1,500 nationwide franchises is independently owned and operated by trained professionals committed to providing the highest level of emergency cleanup and restoration services and customer satisfaction. What this means to you, the commercial property owner or manager, is that should fire, water or mold damage occur in local facilities or a facility across the country, a SERVPRO professional will provide quality professional services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

5/24/2016 (Permalink)

Community Summer Lawn Care Tips Servpro of Kaufman County/ Cedar Creek wants you to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the heat of the sun this summer!

There are so many reasons to love spring. The promise of warmer weather, much-needed rain, and the sudden growth spurt in nature. Of course, all of these happenings also come with a brand new to-do list around your house. Typically after indoor spring cleaning has taken place it’s time to focus on the yard. And for many that means mowing the lawn throughout the grass-growing season. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are over 60,000 injuries that require treatment by hospital emergency rooms every single year due to unsafe operation of power lawn mowers. These injuries occur not just to adults, but to children, too. Instead of becoming a statistic, here are some recommended ways you and your family can be safer while mowing the lawn.

1.            Lawn mower maintenance: Maintaining your lawn mower is a lot like maintaining a car. Mowers need a periodic oil change, fresh spark plugs, and even a regular change of air filter. Having the blades in for a sharpening prior to the start of mowing season is wise as well. By keeping your lawn mower in good condition, you’ll help ensure safer operation, increased lifespan of your mower and, of course, a better looking lawn.

2.            Survey the lawn before mowing: Do you like to just pull the lawn mower out of its spot in the shed or the garage and start mowing? Stop! This could be dangerous. Before you even start your lawn mower, survey your yard for signs of debris. Tree branches and sticks, toys, rocks, dog feces, and more can harm your lawn mower or you. Be sure to take a thorough look over the area before you begin mowing.

3.            Gasoline refills: Practice safety when it comes time to refill your lawn mower. Make sure the motor is completely turned off prior to refilling. Always refill the gas tank of your mower in an open space. Fuel fumes in a garage or shed may cause you harm, so it’s important to get the lawn mower into open air before refilling the tank. Never refill near an open flame or burning cigarette.

4.            Protect your eyes and ears: It may be relaxing to play loud music while you’re mowing the lawn, but this isn’t recommended; it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings. Wear protective glasses to prevent debris from entering your eyes. Additionally, if the noise of the mower is loud, wear earplugs to protect against noise. But proper ear protection shouldn’t prevent you from hearing everything happening around you in case of an emergency.

5.            Dress correctly: Mowing your lawn happens mainly during warmer weather, so it’s tempting to dress for the temperature. But never wear open-toe shoes while mowing the lawn, and even tennis shoes aren’t the safest option. Your best protection is to wear boots with a steel toe to provide your feet with the protection they really need.